My, your succulents are awfully succulent!

I’ve noticed lately that succulents are all the rage in DIY circles.  DIY succulent wedding favors, succulent wreaths, succulent terrariums, succulent planter tables, succulents in little animals … I COULD go on and on, but I won’t.

So as part of my self imposed Pinterest Challenge, I decided to hop on the succulent bandwagon, if you will.


DIY Dinosaur Toy Small Plant Planter

So, I started off in search of succulents.  I had already collected a few vintage ceramic containers to put them in.  While looking for ideas on Etsy, I  found The Succulent Garden, run by Daniel in California.  I was a bit skeptical about ordering plant cuttings from across the country, but after reading mostly positive reviews from a ton of people I ordered the 6 Succulent Cuttings Surprise for about $11.00.  Considering that succulents cost between $4-5 each, I figured this was a good deal.  I was suprised when they arrived only three days later in a cute little box.  The 6 cuttings were each dipped in rooting hormone and wrapped in tissue, and came with instructions for planting.  I also added a sweet chartreuse succulent I got from the Elephant’s Trunk this past weekend. Below is a pictorial review of how these cute little plant orphans became part of my DIY windowsill succulent garden.  I guess you could say this DIY was a succ-cess!


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