Etsy Vintage Collection #3: “Proper Lady”

Muted accessories, structured handbags, summer-perfect dresses, and sweet cardigans mean you can dress the part. Whether you act like a “proper lady” or not is up to you.

(We don’t exactly recommend the whole “proper lady” thing, though. Carpe diem — pass the bourbon!)

Here at Vintanthromodern, we don’t think that the clothes make the woman. Beige Mary Janes and a tough leather jacket? Bring it. Preppy stripes and a Yohji Yamamoto inspired maxi skirt? Work. Demure Victorian ruffles and menswear slacks? Perfection. Florals and Docs? Party onNothing at all? Well … you get the idea.

The pieces in our “proper lady” collection are meant to be mixed and matched:  soft and hard, masculine and feminine, bright and subdued. They represent surprising wardrobe staples without being b-o-r-i-n-g.

Here’s a preview of what will be in store on Etsy tomorrow!

spring 60s vintage white rhinestone button coat


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