Branding Your Etsy Shop – DIY Business Cards, Price Tags, and Packaging

Business Cards

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Elaine of Elaine Melinda Studio offered to design my business cards using the Vintanthromodern Vintage logo that Emily created.  Elaine and I have been friends ever since high school.  That she is a successful lifestyle photographer in Arkansas and that i’m running my own online vintage clothing shop isn’t  suprising.  We met in our high school art room and our love of art and all things creative has kept us kindred spirits for almost 20 years! After several phone and email exchanges, Elaine and I came up with a business card and matching sticker that embodies Vintanthromodern Vintage’s whimsical aesthetic. In this case, the shop logo that Emily created , along with another promotional graphic she created for our ad on the blog Oh Hello Friend, has insprired an entire branding suite.  We’ll be ordering the business cards  from Miller’s Lab and I can’t wait to see the finished product!  In the meantime here are screen shots of the business card (front and back) and matching stickers.

UPDATE! Here are the finished products:

Price Tags – Hang Tags

Even though all of our price/hang tags are different, they all have the same text stamped on them.  In addition, they all have a  similar color and vintage aesthetic that ties in with the shop. I used vintage school books – phonics workbooks, children’s dictionaries and other vintage paper for the tags.  Plain white sheets of sticker paper were adhered to the back and I used a custom stamp on the back.

price tags

Hang Tags


Whether its online or at a brick and mortar shop – customers LOVE packaging.  When considering packaging for your shop it’s important to consider cost, the branding suite you already have in place, and of course saving the environment!  In other words the packaging you use shouldn’t be too expensive, should complement your shop’s logo, business cards and price tags, and should be either recycled or recyclable.  Perusing Pinterest is a great way to get great affordable DIY packaging ideas for your shop.  Having already created price tags, I had a general ideas about the look I wanted my packaging to have:  bright yellow, school or vintage themed, and a bit quirky.  I love the look of brown craft paper – and a lot of people are using this material in tags and such but after searching for it online, I found that it can be a pricey option.  I also love the look of old school vintage manila envelope with the tie closures but  I learned that tie closure manila enveloped were phased out long ago in favor of metal closures.  Manila clasp office envelopes are almost  a dime a dozen.  A box of 100 10×13 manila enveloped is less than 10.00!  With a few small alterations – and using a colorful piece of string and one of my business cards or price tags, I’ve created a budget friendly, colorful and cute bag to pack items in!  Below is a quick tutorial of how to create your own manila tie closure bag.  Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • A manila envelope (any size)
  • Colorful string
  • Scissors
  • Business card, price tag or similar item made from cardstock
1.  Cut off the flap of the manilla envelope

2. Punch a hole in your business card or heavy card stock shape ( You can also use price/hang tags)

3. Extend the metal fastener arms and stick the card over it and close

4.  Wrap string string under the card and around the fastener

 5.  Place item inside the envelope, fold excess over and wrap string around the back of the package. Fasten by wrapping the tail of the string around the closed fastener.


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