Back to School with Vintanthromodern Kiddos

This is a pretty big week, as most parents and even some children are eagerly awaiting the first day of school. Everyone knows that on the first day you want to make the best impression and look your very best. The fact is that while your kids are learning their new schedules, locker combinations and new teachers, they’re also checking out what everyone else is wearing! Why not send your little Vintanthronista with a fresh vintage look that is sure to turn heads.


This Asian inspired velvet beauty is called Suzie. This is a girls size 10. Click the image to see it on Etsy!


Even your little man needs to look his very best! This one is a boys size 5. Click the image to see it on Etsy!


Wear it to a troupe meeting, to the lunch room, or out in the woods – this would be adorable for your little cub scout! Click to see it in our Etsy shop!


Whether she is running for student body president or just wants to look like she is, this one is a winner! Click to see it on Etsy!


She might not be in big girl school just yet. But our little Vintanthronista Tarra is Back to School ready in designer Burberry!


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